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Truth and Tales - Kids Stories and Yoga

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Truth and Tales is a kids app with interactive stories of empathy and yoga practices. It's perfect for the perfect whole family!

The stories are based on millennia-old tales that promote cognitive development and teach the necessary skills for the jobs of the future. The yoga practices are fun and also a great way for children to exercise.

Little Yogis is Truth and Tales' yoga session. We have combined fun and yoga – an exercise that is healthy and safe for kids – and create playful and gentle practices. Yoga offers many benefits to developing strength, flexibility, balance, posture, breathing, and body awareness.

The stories from Truth and Tales were created not only to entertain but also to teach us how to better understand ourselves int he world.

By reading the stories from Truth and Tales, kids develop the following virtues and skills: empathy, negotiation, self-observation, perceptive autonomy, focus, resilience, how to overcome irrational fears, and much more!

Through repeated exposure to the stories from Truth and Tales, kids learn to understand their lives and reflect upon the way people think and act in different situations. These stories help children distinguish between effective and non-effective patterns of reflection and practical action.

Moreover, kids may learn to think in more reasonable ways, expand their vocabulary – seeing new words in their everyday lives – and consider the different meanings os the stories in ways that are enriching to their learning about life. 

The audiobooks are audio-only versions of Truth and Tales' interactive stories. They are the perfect screenless activity for kids to listen to before bedtime or on roadtrips.